Shorting it out!! 


I found this very interesting to find a name for the blog. Something I intend to scribble may just cover everything we come across everyday. So, I was looking for a suitable name.

Life isn’t always beautiful and the shades of vibrancy always hides the black, white and grey shades. So I wanted to pick a name that is likely to collide with what I intend to scribble..

Okay, there were my choices..


The black rainbow


and a few similar ones carrying the theme of contradictory shades.

Kaleidoscope was  another choice since this blog will be like a mix of every color

I was kind of confused and there are a couple of friends who I can ask such suggestions to help me out. And Yes, not really everyone. They helped me in choosing a name and also gave their suggestions.

And this looked lovely – Shorting it out, its all about the SHOTs, different shots just the experiences of life.

Shorting it out implies a lot of things. It’s just not about reducing the length but choosing wisely.

If it sounds interesting, join the club, only if you WISH.

With LOVE….