If one of the words that went so wrong in the recent part is “Feminism.” Feminism is beautiful thing that makes girls stand apart, but not what you think.

I embrace my Life...
I embrace my Life…

Feminism is the wonderful thing. The word itself is so beautiful. Feminism is embracing the self. The bizarre concepts and notions behind the term FEMINISM appears to create some form of rebellion against the natural credibility.

But it is not portrayed so…

Why Feminism is wrong?

The gender parity created wrong notions and evil ideas about men. My dear GOOGLE, you have just interpreted most things precisely in a wrong way.



  • Women are victims
  • Men are perverts

I agree the country is quite dangerous and apparently unsafe for women. But that doesn’t echoes that all men are perverts.

Feminism is not showing your skin and expecting others not to look at you. Everyone has right to dress to their desire. When you do not bother about showing your skin, you shouldn’t care about others looking at you. Don’t rage on your skin show, because it is you, who decided to wear something you are very much comfortable.

Feminism is wonderful thing, that blossoms from within you

Just by nature, embrace from within you, develop the liberty and relish the thought process. This includes everything from the deepest feeling, intensity of the emotions, desires, sexual orientation to civil rights and culture and lifestyle.

Feminism revolves around the simple principle that there is no restriction on dictating the intellectual rights, socio functions and capabilities just because of gender. Limitation created due to biological elements and procreative functions created by nature need not control the state of being intellect, being kind, being creative, being an artist, being a woman who embrace her life or whatever.

Feminism is not preaching about ignorance cause due to biologically limited things, but just self understanding and not controlling others using this context.

There is always a room for good sense of humor

I am a feminist with a great sense of humor. If you think being humorous is a feminist’s cup of tea, you are unfit to live in the world. Humor sense is nothing but presence of mind. Women who so call themselves ‘Feminists’ are apparently is sick of the disease, ‘no-humor sense.’ You don’t need to be angry and grim all the time.

Feminism is realizing every girl is better than others

I am a feminist but that doesn’t mean I control over you on everything. It is just a very common thought that feminist are a group of women joined together to get their equality rights from men. Why?? This specific thing always puzzled me. Why are you claiming to be equal when you actually are very superior??

Feminism is an upliftment but not pushing men down

There is absolutely no need to push someone down to get uplift as a feminist or just as a woman. How many agree to the fact that feminism recently is all about pushing down the MEN? Women are beautiful in their own ways.

Feminism is not gender disappointment

Yes we are women! But this world is for men too. Recently, the so called feminist mother fumed about having a baby boy! Is it that disgrace? Even she was born to a man and a woman.

Feminism is dressing up as you desire

I love to dress up and look colorful. Dressing to the comfort is absolute fine and make no complaints

Feminism is developing beautiful relationships, not breaking it.

Feminism is portraying the radical thought, men are not humans.

Feminism is not about not showing hatred on women who embrace life and remains unbiased.

FEMINIST – Just for fun, but bitter reality behind the fun

She: Oh god, he is looking at me

He: Looks at her

She: Are you looking at me..

He: Oh yes. Smiled

She: God, you tried to rape me, I’m gonna call the cops.

Feminists are a gender biased group who call themselves as non-biased. \Modern feminism, feminists are totally biased. In fact, they tend to control even the naturally occurring things, which is unfair. Feminism has become all about men and revolves around men, where it actually should move around women.

Be a feminist, be you.