There are always people around you, only to see you blazing on fire. Don’t treat them. You don’t know there are millions surround you, only to watch you see suffer.

Don’t get affected by the lows and just stay in a coffin. Get up and move on. Not everyone will love you and if you expect so, you are the stupidest person on the earth.

Even the person who loves you the most find you or put in the hardest time ever and literally cherish it. Of course, it may not be intentional.

Giving people an opportunity to watch you suffer will just push you further down into the deep hollow. Things going out of the hands are very obvious and happen every now and then.

Never allow anyone who has the intention to ruin your life take a chance and laugh at you. Be it anything, but never allow.

Although I’m not an admirer of Sita, (from the epic Ramayana), who is worshipped as an idol, when she set ablaze, everyone cared a damn.

Be an eye candy for others who envy you for the things you achieved, not a visual treat when you are upset or suffer. After all, the things you go through are just temporary because everything changes in a while.

It is hard, going to be very hard, but as you learn to move on everything melts like an ice cube. The moments of struggle you come across will take you to path of success, wisdom and rejoice.

If you can’t just stay cool and calm. I am just saying, this for my own things, may be when I read it again, it could help me. Turn around everything, be it bitter or rage.